Spotlight on piano - Saketh Ram & Matthew Peter - 22nd Oct. at Alliance F.

Hyderabad got talent, too!

Hyderabad Western Music Foundation is pleased to present „Spotlight on Piano“

Saketh Ram (piano) & Matthew Peter (piano/tabla)

They will play works of J.S. Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Chopin, Grieg, De Falla and include in their recital “Amalgam”, an original composition for piano, flute and tabla written by Nalinikanth Josyabhatla.

When: Saturday, 22nd October, 6pm

Where: Alliance Française, Rd no. 3, Banj.hills

Come and enjoy this promising concert!

Saketh Ram Josyabhatla, a 14-year-old class X student. He is playing piano since the age of about 6 under the tutelage of his father, Nalinikanth. He did his Grade-8 with distinction from Trinity in 2015 and has given his ATCL recently.

Matthew Peter Tharappel, age 15, reads in Class X. He has been learning piano for nine years, and recently did Trinity Grade 8 with distinction. He got interested in Tabla about a year back and is pursuing it keenly, apart from piano.

Nalinikanth Josyabhatla, an IT professional from an Indian musical background. He holds licentiate diplomas in both music theory and composition (LMusTCL and LLCM). His unique style is to infuse innovation in music. For example, he used Indian ragas amidst western harmonies.

Venu Madhav Josyabhatla is an IT professional too. He is practicing carnatic classical flute since about 2 decades and has received advance training from great masters. He has a unique style of playing which resembles vocal style (called Gayaki style) and has given numerous concerts.

All are welcome. Entry: Rs 100; HWMF-members: free.

TEDx Hyderabad 2016 - second edition

Congratulations to Anthony Vipin Das and team for the TEDx 2016 edition! It was a fabulous experience having been part of TEDxHyderabad in 2015. You can watch Joe Koster’s talk from last year's event, sharing glimpses of his HWMF-journey and musical dream for Hyderabad.
For those who’d like to register for the 2016 event:" #tedxhyd #sahe #craftingourfuture #tedxwithinfy

Video/talk, including Hyderabad Youth Ensemble and Deccan Voices on stage:

New Basic Theory and Vocal Course - Start 10th Sept.

Hyderabad Western Music Foundation is pleased to announce

·       Basic Music Theory & Vocal Course

Learn how to approach vocal learning systematically and how to move towards a healthy singing voice. Get familiar with the basic principles of vocal techniques like breathing, vocalizing and body posture. Add new songs of different genres of music to your repertoire. Acquire a music theoretical background (notation reading, scales, rhythm, intervals). Opportunity after completion of the course will also be given to join a leading local vocal group. 

·         Start: Sat. 10th Sept. 2016 (plus following 5 Saturdays)

This course is for “everybody” who likes music and singing! 

Course-fee: Rs 2700, incl. material. HWMF-members Rs 2400.

Timings: 10th, 17th, 24th Sept., 1st, 8th, 15th Oct.; Saturdays, 2-3pm

Teacher: Joe Koster, music teacher, conductor of the Deccan Voices.

Venue: Alliance Française, music room, road no 3, Aurora Colony, Banj.hills, lane next to Q-mart

For registration/info please contact: or 9912201659

Are you interested to learn: saxophone, flute, recorder, western flute, trumpet, ukulele, violin or piano? Let us know. There are also openings for children to join our HWMF’s-kids club (age 8-12years; mainly vocal/singing oriented).


HWMF Academy - new courses for children - start 10th/17th July

HWMF Academy offers 3 new programs for children   

Next course, beginning July 17, 2016 
Our introduction to music class focuses on exposing children to music and developing musical abilities, including rhythmic and melodic skills in an interactive and fun environment.  No prior music experience is required!  The introduction to music class is a great way to determine your child’s interest in music before committing to individual lessons or investing in a musical instrument.  Read more

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