Spotlight on Piano - 10th April at Hyderabad Public School

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Discovering & Bringing Talent To Light


The ‘Spotlight on Piano’ performance that was held on 10th of April 2010 at Shawcross Hall in Shaheen Block of the Hyderabad Public School was the first in a series of expositions of local talent that is being conducted by the Hyderabad Western Music Foundation, a registered non-profit organization that has been formed to encourage music pluralism in the twin cities through cross-cultural, inter-generational, collaborative and innovative musical education - by creating a platform and being a forum for musicians and lovers of western music to meet associate and interact with each other and to perform and share their talent. 
The Hyderabad Western Music Foundation is better known as the Hyderabad Western Music Forum, because all activities are conducted by the more descriptive ‘Forum’.
In the case of this first edition of SPOTLIGHT ON PIANO, the Hyderabad Public School, gave the much needed boost to music in the twin cities and played a huge part in this exposition of young talent in Hyderabad. The foresight of the Principal Mr Alokesh Sen must be commended, he recognised the potential of this programme, and offered not only his school premises and hospitality to young musicians in the twin cities as a venue for the concert, but his unstinted support to all the teachers and staff who participated in making all the arrangements for this successful event. The art teacher with the help of students made the very well designed backdrop for the stage and the music teacher Dennis Powell, thought of, and made arrangements for all the little things that make the whole set-up comfortable and welcoming. Mr Alokesh Sen’s partnering in this event, as Hyderabad Public School is a corporate member of the Forum, was an enlightened gesture towards giving back to society and the betterment of the twin cities, taking the place of royal patrons of the arts, by opening up opportunities, revealing and giving a platform to talented youth.
And what a programme it was too! So much talent, 15 pianists played their hearts out to the delight of an appreciative audience. From the first notes of the piano to the end of the programme there was great dedication and skill displayed. The young talent which was revealed was so inspiring that those in the audience, who didn’t play, wished that they had taken the trouble to learn piano when they could have dedicated themselves to this glorious instrument. Some of the young musicians were so good and displayed such sensitivity and knowledge of the pieces they played that it belied their age, there was so much musicianship on display.
The whole evening was intended to showcase the talent available in the twin cities and the programme was organised through music teachers and their students. While all the music teachers and their students could not be covered in this event, there will be more ‘Piano Spotlights’ to reveal the talent of other students of Piano and their teachers.  
While this was not a competition, the participants and the attendees had amongst them a real live international concert pianist, the great, yet modest, Timothy Marthand, (whom this writer has had the special privilege of listening to live) who with great sincerity, listened carefully, and wrote comments on the Certificates of Appreciation given to each of the participants about each of the young pianists ‘technical’ and ‘musical’ abilities and ‘areas to focus’. Timothy Marthand himself gave out the certificates at the end of the programme.






. Dennis Powell started the evenings programme by playing singer/pianist/composer Elton         John’s melodic song, ‘Sorry Seems the Hardest Word’.
. The next tune was played by a stylish young man, Varun Manjuluri, who announced that he was playing ‘In The Morning Light’ by Yanni his favourite composer. 
. Subban Krishnamurthy showed his skill by playing Preludium Op. 32 No.12 by S. Rachmaninov. For his second piece, Slavonic Dance, by A. Dvorak, he was joined on piano by his teacher Aleksandra Mikolajczyk, playing 4-hands.
Next were two sisters taught by Francina Geiles & Sr Edwin Pinto; Amanda and Viona Louis
. Amanda Louis played Sonata in E by D. Scarlatti
. Viona Louis played Sonata No. 26 by Georg Benda.
  The next two pianists have studied with Janet Hoisington
.  Ajay Sharma played Rondo Alla Turca, Sonata in A, K. 331 by W.A. Mozart.
.  Vyshnavi Koppulu played Polonaise in G Minor by F. Chopin.
 The next three pianists were students of Mr. Gayatri P. Rao
. Anish Athrey played Intermezzo Op. 117 No 1 by Johannes Brahms
.  Anvitha Rayabhari played Invention No.13 in A minor by J.S. Bach
.  Anish Raparia probably the youngest of the pianists played Solfeggio in C Minor by C.P.E Bach and Nocturne No. 2 in C minor by John Field, which he played without the music in front of him, showing great confidence and expression,.
. Vasanth Kishore, Naveen Elias student, made his own very sweet, short and nervous announcement and commenced to play the 1st movement, Sonata in D Major, K 284 by W.A. Mozart.
. Mohit Dodwani, displayed his maturity and delicacy of touch as he played Prelude, English Suite, No.3 BWW 808 by J.S. Bach
. Daphne de Rebello and Naveen Elias played Duet for 4 hands Sonata in D major K 381 by W. A. Mozart.
The programme took exactly one hour and fifteen minutes due to perfect programming with Swiss precision by Joe Koster, the organiser and man behind everything in this ‘Spotlight on Piano’ programme.
The evening was compeered with competence by Aparna Nadiem who kept the programme moving.
Certificates of appreciation were given to all the participants.
A vote of thanks was proposed. Alokesh Sen Principal of Hyderabad Public School and Joe Koster, Director of the Hyderabad Western Music Forum were felicitated with bouquets.
Snacks, lime juice and tea and coffee were provided to everyone at the end of the evening by the Hyderabad Public School in an appropriately thoughtful and much appreciated gesture. 
The ‘SPOTLIGHT ON PIANO’ programme which was held at Hyderabad Public School was a part of the SPOTLIGHT SERIES which the Hyderabad Western Music Forum is planning in its focused effort to DISCOVER AND BRING TALENT TO LIGHT.
The Hyderabad Western Music Forum is taking a four way approach to rekindle interest in Western Classical music and Jazz and other cross cultural, multicultural and intercultural music.
. First - by conducting “Music Appreciation Classes” in both Western Classical Music and Jazz and also ‘Music Notation Reading Workshops’.
. Second - giving a platform to local musicians to perform and to bring them together with dedicated music teachers, music schools and through workshops by visiting national and international musicians.
. Third - facilitating music performances by Indian and Foreign Musicians, and collaborating with cultural associations such as Alliance Francaise, Goethe Zentrum and others.
. Fourth – through the School Outreach Programmes – conducting workshops for school children on the school premises.
 The HWMF has been active during the last year. Since June 2009, four concerts have been conducted under HWMF’s ‘Music Alive’ Series. Two ‘Music Appreciation’ Series on Mozart and Bach. Two ‘Music Notation Reading Workshops’. Three collaborative music events - collaborating with the Alliance Francaise, the Goethe Zentrum and the US Consulate. And four schools have been visited as part of the HWMF ‘School Outreach’ programme, to conduct music workshops and interactions with visiting musicians.