Minguet Quartet at HPS - Workshop 17th Nov

Minguet Quartet
Thursday 17th November 2011
Workshop at Hyderabad Public School
The Workshop was presented by HWMF exclusively for Hyderabad Public School (HPS) thanks to Goethe Zentrum, Hyderabad.The Minguet Quartet, a renowned Quartet from Germany, on their tour of India, play at the HICC Convention Centre, Hyderabad, on 17th November 2011. The Hyderabad leg of their tour organised by Goethe Zentrum, Hyderabad, as part of the celebrations “Germany and India 2011-2012: Infinite Opportunities”.
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The Minguet Quartet played for the students of Hyderabad Public School before their scheduled concert in the evening at the request of the HWMF and Goethe Zentrum. 
The musicians in the Minguet Quartet are -
Ulrich Isfort – 1st Violin, Annette Reisinger – 2nd Violin, Aroa Sorin - Viola and Matthias Diener - Violoncello.
Dressed in casuals, each one of the quartet was cheerful, amiable and was genuinely pleased to play for and interact with the students; so pleasurable to see, given their high standing as musicians and as a reputed and important ‘String Quartet’ in Europe. The Quartet played two pieces excerpted from longer compositions for String Quartet by Brahms and Mozart respectively. These short pieces were played with ardour and personal expression in their attractive interpretation of both the Brahms and the Mozart compositions.  
The Workshop 
After they played, the Minguet Quartet opened the workshop to questions by the HPS students.
The students responded with their ideas of the feelings evoked in them by the music that they had just heard. The musicians demonstrated the sound of each of their instruments and then pertinently explained that, as in a choir,
the 1st Violin takes the part of a Soprano voice, the 2nd Violin the Alto voice, the Viola the Tenor voice , and the Violoncello the Bass voice.  
The musicians explained that there is no leader in their group because each instrument plays its own important part in the music they play and there is great understanding amongst each musician in the Quartet.  
The musicians - each of them - took pains to answer the student’s questions, sometimes demonstrating individually, and sometimes as a Quartet, with passages from the pieces they first played, to highlight the points they were making. 
The arrangements made by HPS for the workshop was impeccable. Everything went smoothly. Along The workshop was attended by the Vice Principal, Ms. K. Chaturvedi; the HPS music teacher, Dennis Powell and the Registrar, Col. Sharma and other HPS teachers. The snacks and hospitality extended to the musicians was as usual, superb.
HPS quality.

HWMF thanked the Minguet Quartet for responding favourably to the idea of the workshop at HPS; the Goethe Zentrum for making it possible and HPS for everything they did.