Deccan Voices in Concert - 26th November at Vidyaranya School


A city is usually measured on various scales and one of the most important ones being its culture. In this measure, Hyderabad lags far behind cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta, even Bangalore. The Deccan Voices is a fantastic effort towards addressing this shortcoming. When I attend their concert at Vidyaranya School, I went in with no expectations. What I got was a pleasant surprise. It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening as the choir transported me back to my younger days through the songs of Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. Let us also not forget the music of The Beatles. Songs and tunes that I can never forget jogged my memories of times that were more innocent and less complicated. But they had to overdo it and sing "You'll Never Walk Alone". As a Liverpool FC fan, the choir could do no wrong from that point in time onwards. I wish the choir all the very best and hope to see many more performances from them. Vinay

12th December School-Outreach-Christmas-Programme at Vidyaranya School: