Deccan Voices in Concert - 24th Nov. - at Lamakaan


Deccan Voices presented a "Musical Kaleidoscope" on

24th Nov 2012 at Lamakaan.

The Deccan Voices have always been a favourite. The way they blend the alto, tenor, soprano and bass into a vast repertoire of music has struck the right chord in many a heart. Last night was no different. As “Old Man River” (they call him Raghav) kick started the show, I could feel the audience slipping into a relaxed mode, and as the first strains of the voices in harmony were heard, the mood became even better.

The first few songs which started from the beginning of the last century were sung by the group with Joe on Keyboard and Clayton on guitar. Watching the voices in black with a fair sprinkling of colour courtesy of the girls, was a delight to the eyes. The ears of course were taken care of by the music.

The music flowed from tune to tune without even the rustle of paper and then it was announced that the group would take a break to allow for some solos and duets. Raghav took the lead again and was followed by Savio and Remya, Shakila and Clayton. The surprise package of the evening however, was Ramya who belted out her number much to the delight of her audience.

I must mention here the rude interruption by the Traffic Police who announced their arrival with a cacophony of sirens and almost broke up the party. Thankfully better sense prevailed (or was it a different currency that did the trick?) and they left, looking no doubt for more lucrative prey.

The second half had the voices back in full strength and with Clayton percussing on the guitar and Joe keyboarding like a wave, the pace picked up. The evening ended too soon, and even the encore of ‘Promised Land’ that was performed did not satiate the crowd. But we had to leave, and so we did.

Which was my favourite number...actually, all were remarkably good...but when Shakila told each one of us that we were the sunshine of her life, I was mesmerised...but then I am biased:)         Vijay Marur

HWMF-Deccan Voices School-Programme at Vidhyaranya School on 23rd Nov.

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