10-12th Listening Posts - The Women in Jazz - Nordic Vistas - Jazz: Language of the heart


12th LISTENING POST - Sunday 10th March 2013
“Women in Jazz”
This Listening Post looked at women in Jazz. It has always been a battle for women to enter into or excel in fields that were dominated by men. Music was no exception. Although women were being accepted in other artistic fields, they faced a male chauvinism in the field of music, in the early years of Jazz. Here we look at some of the women who made a foray into, and then stormed the bastion of the jazz world. Women who were as brilliant in their singing as they were in their song writing or even as instrumentalists in the field of Jazz. 

Presented by Shakila Kundu, Jazz-Lover, Singer, HWMF-Executive-Committee-Member
11th LISTENING POST  Sunday 24th February 2013

Western Classical Music:
"Journey to the North - Nordic vistas through music from the national romantic era"
-Introduction to the Nordic countries and the national romantic era
-Sibelius & Grieg composer profile in the national romantic context
-Influences on Sibelius & Grieg and their societal significance
-Major works and style
-Excerpts from Sibelius's & Grieg’s music
-Slides will be shown along with the music as nature was such an important source of inspiration for many of the compositions
Presented by: Raita Mocherla (from Finland, based in Hyderabad; studied the piano, flute and church organ at Sibelius High School and Vantaa Music Institute)


10th Listening Post - Sunday 10th February 2013
Jazz: Language of the Heart

What does Jazz music speak about? How has it evolved over the years and across cultures? Why does Jazz instantly connect people with different languages and values? A listening post that looks at Jazz beyond its definition as the quintessential, happy and swinging American art form and explores its role as a global language of the people. Starting from its history as the music of the slaves, through the years of it being adopted as a symbol of liberation, to its later interpretation by global performers.

Presented by : Subhorup Dasgupta, Jazz-Lover & Writer at http://subhorup.blogspot.in/
for his lecture and videos:
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