April 2013: Notation Reading Course & Voice/Vocal-Workshop


 Hyderabad Western Music Foundation

is running two music courses in April (4 Saturdays):
7th Music Notation Reading Class (2pm – 4pm)
With emphasis on vocal and harmony.
The classes will begin with rudiments of reading music with vocal practice during learning. Basics of harmony and rhythm will also be taught. Open to all those who are interested in music and singing.
Course fee: 8 lessons/1200 Rs., incl. material (HWMF-members 900 Rs.)
Resource person: Joe Koster, music teacher, conductor of the Deccan Voices.
Joe Koster and Notation-Reading-Group!
Voice/Vocal-Workshop for Singers (4.15pm – 6.15pm)
How long should you practice for? How to sing different styles of music? What is important to choral singing and western singing? What is special about western singing? Join to find out! Learn how to approach vocal learning systematically, and how to move towards a healthy singing voice. Practical training for warming up the voice, and discussions on how much and how much to not sing! Add some simple songs to your repertoire, and discuss music from different eras! If you have a basic understanding of music theory (notation reading) and are experienced in singing (choir or solo, pop or classical) and would like to improve, then this is your course!
Tejaswinee Kelkar and vocal-group!
Course-fee: 8 lessons/1500 Rs., incl. material (HWMF-members 1200 Rs.)
Resource person: Tejaswinee Kelkar, Associate diploma in Music theory and composition and vocalist.
Start of both the courses: Saturday, 6th of April (4 Saturdays)
Unveil your musical potential this April (Sa 6th 13th 20th 27th)!
Venue: Shantiniketan Colony 104, Mahendra Hills, East Marredpally, Secunderabad.
For info/registration pl. contact info@hydmusic.com or call 9912201659.