14th HWMF-Listening Post - 14th April - Jazz Guitar

HWMF presented 14th Listening Post - 14.4.2013 @ Lamakaan

Evolution of Jazz Guitar and its styles since 1920

Starting off from Ragtime and then on to the Blues and Dixieland, the jazz guitar has evolved from being an accompaniment, to a solo instrument, and this in the time of Bebop. It was in the 70's that fusion came onto the scene. The innovative styles of Django Reinhardt, Wes Montgomery, Pat Martinos, Kenny Burrell and many others whose inimitable styles have made their mark on the jazz guitar scene are what we will have the pleasure of lending our ears to, in this session. This Listening Post is dedicated to those, who, over the past 100 years, have contributed to the evolution of the jazz guitar and its styles.

Presented by: Ujjal Kumar Saha, Jazz-Guitarist

Listening Post/Music Appreciation: Pure listening to Classical and Jazz music recordings with visual aids, notes, Q/A-session, discussion.

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