Organ Recital, Choral and Brass Concert - 12th May at St. John's Church


C.S.I. Church of St. John the Baptist
in collaboration with Hyderabad Western Music Foundation
invited to an
Evening of Organ Recital, Choral & Brass Concert
Music by JS Bach, Krebs, GF Handel, Boyce, Elgar, Telemann, Bruckner
Guest Recitalist - Dr. Tim Vellacott (UK)
on the pipe organ upgraded personally by him
with addition a 2 ft rank pipes
St. John’s Church Choir directed & accompanied by
Commodore TMJ Champion, VSM (Retd)
Instrumentalists & Conductors
Dr. Naveen Elias (piano), Tania Shukla (violin),
Jonathan Hewitt (trumpet), Joe Koster (trombone/piano)
Guest choirs

Deccan Voices & St. Cecilia’s Choir



Feedback from the audience (sent to Commodore Champion):

1. The trumpet & trombone brass ensemble with the organ added a varied & exquisite flavour to the concert repertoire - something quite new in the twin cities
2. The organ accompaniment by the Guest recitalist for the local choir pieces (Opening hymn & Shout the glad tidings) showed the excellent networking, mutual regard and respect among musicians (which is very much lacking in our twin cities where everyone builds a protective 'compound wall' around themselves and their choral group)
3. The opening & closing hymn sung by all the choirs - both christian & non-christian, Catholics & CSI churches showed real ecumenical unity in the diversity of our religious traditions
4. To most of the audience the program was NOT lengthy - it was just right they said to bring out this sort of variety.
5. The overall repertoire covered a wide spectrum in terms of periods of much from Baroque to contemporary and as for tonal colours - the organ, trumpet, trombone & piano too


So here I am sending my appreciation of the concert. Truly speaking it was a very good evening of musical extravaganza which, I might say, has happened for the first time in the twin cities exclusively organized by the local people. You have to be specially congratulated for bringing out such a big show. I also appreciate the PC of the church which allowed you to go ahead with this huge venture. Normally the members of the PC who are totally illiterate about such musical events will bring any number of obstacles deliberately.
I had witnessed the famous jazz band headed by Duke Ellington at Revindra Bharathi. That was an event that extended for two evenings. Such was the taste and standard of the people living in that period of time. There was a German Pop group with 30 piece orchestra that enthralled the audience. I don't remember the name of the orchestra but it was of the same standard as James Last & his orchestra or Henry Mancini & his orchestra. USIS used to organize many concerts with chamber orchestra and string quartets.Even for that matter an exclusive piano concert by Handel Manuel of Madras supported by his brother Shafter Manuel who played pieces exclusively composed for Recorder was organized in a school auditorium to a packed audience. But, for all these concerts the local responsibility was to take care of the logistic arrangements only but did not have to go into the details of the concert itself - who is playing what and the time spent on the practices. So, in this regard congratulations to you once again. 
By Sudhir Gibson


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