19th Listening Post - The Voice in Western and Indian Classical Music - 23rd June

Hyderabad Western Music Foundation presented
19th Listening Post:
The Voice in Western and Indian Classical Music
Vocal traditions and stylistic use of the voice differs from region to region. Here we will explore the use of the voice as an instrument in Hindustani as well as Western classical music, and contrast these two styles with each other.
Some topics we will explore will be hearing gender, the voice as an agent of information, the use of text in significant ways and so forth.
This fortnight's Classical Listening Post presents explores some critical differences in the use of the voice in the musical genres we are closest to as Indians, and helps us see some of our historical identity through the medium of vocal music!
Presented by Tejaswinee Kelkar, who is at present doing her MS at IIIT in Hyderabad. She has studied Western Classical as well as Hindustani Classical music and is locally part of the choir group the Deccan Voices.
Sunday, 23rd June, 4 - 5.30 pm
Venue: Lamakaan(Lane next to M-Modal building, opps. GVK One Mall, Road No.1, Banjara Hills) www.lamakaan.com
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