21st Listening Post - Notation Systems of Classical and Jazz Music around the world - 28th July


Hyderabad Western Music Foundation presents 

21st Listening Post:
Notation Systems of Classical and Jazz Music
around the world
What is the relationship of notated music to how music sounds? How does a notation system evolve through the ages to become more adaptive? Come to this listening post to find fascinating ways in which music is written down in different time periods and cultures. Also explore a new way to write down and transfer Indian Classical music.
Let us take a trip through time to diverse forms of notated music and through different countries and musical systems and find out about the representation of music on humble paper sheets. Is notation system getting impacted by other methods of being able to share music?
Presented by Tejaswinee Kelkar, who is at present doing her MS at IIIT in Hyderabad. She has studied Western Classical as well as Hindustani Classical music and is locally part of the choir group the Deccan Voices.
Sunday, 28th  July, 4 - 5.30 pm
Venue: Lamakaan(Lane next to M-Modal building, opps. GVK One Mall, Road No.1, Banjara Hills) www.lamakaan.com
Pl. check the attached handout
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