Reading With The Tunes - 4th October - 12-1pm @ Lamakaan

Hyderabad Western Music Foundation is  pleased to present “Reading With The Tunes”, a music & literature initiative… for youngsters by youngsters,
“Reading With The Tunes” – 3rd edition
Music:We have the Aga Skifflers, a group of keen teenagers who are taking music seriously and enjoying having opportunities to experience many different  forms of music, along with Aga Khan’s music teacher, Nigel Jackson.
Special guest: Anil Srinivasan, Chennai.
Theatre: For the occasion of celebrating Agatha Christie’s 125th Birthday this month, Kovida Yalamanchi has written a short play that will be presented by the MISH mashers: “Guess who dun it?” (a murder mistery).
So be prepared to solve the crime!
Sunday, 4th October, 12-1pm @ Lamakaan
All are invited. Entry free.