Deccan Voices - Concert - 5th December @ Vidyaranya School

Hyderabad Western Music Foundation is pleased to present


Venue: Vidyaranya School, opp. Secretariat (next Hotel Anmol)

When: Saturday, 5th Dec., 7.30 pm

The repertoire of music performed by this group extends to musicals, pop songs, jazz and classical. The programme includes famous melodies of Sound of Music, Freddy Mercury’s Bohemian Rhapsody, a swinging tune of Duke Ellington, Mariah Carey’s “Hero”, classical compositions of Schubert, Beethoven, and more.

Wish to say big thanks to all members of Deccan Voices for the concert yesterday. You are an amazing people! Despite the glitches, we went on with the show - unplugged. Big applause for that.... Very grateful to the audience for such immense support. Yesterday's show is going to be memorable, as Aparajita Gupta rightly said!

Deccan Voices - Programme 5th Dec.

I'm beginning to see the light – Duke Ellington

Thine is the Glory:

Bohemian Rhapsody:

Sir Duke – Stevie Wonder

Route 66:


Hero – Mariah Carey (duet Aila and Haritha)
Serenade – Franz Schubert (duet Sameera and Ramya)
The prayer – Sager/Foster (duet Samhita and Suneet)

When I fall in love – Young/Heyman (duet Aparajita and Raghav)

Folsom Prison Blues – (trio Glen, Vijay and Aditya)

Ode to Joy – Schiller/L. van Beethoven
Sound of music – Rodgers/Hammerstein

And the Glory of the Lord – G.F. Handel

Soprano: Haritha Govind, Rithvika Prasad, Celsa Almeida, Karthika Vattakavil, Samhita Maha, Sameera, Oxana, Shikha Garg. Alto: Reena Kurien, Aparajita Gupta, Ramya Smita. Tenor: Vijay Raj, Murali, Suneet. Bass: T. Raghav Rao, Glen Williams, Aditya T.B., Varghese Jacob. Conductor/Accompanist: Joe Koster