HWMF Academy Student Recital - 6th March @ AF


Family and friends, we are pleased to announce our very first student recital featuring solo, duet, and ensemble performances from HWMF Academy vocal, trumpet, piano, violin and saxophone students.   

Venue: Alliance Française, Banjara Hills

Sunday, March 6, 2016 at 5 pm

Entry free.

On Sunday, 6th March, students of the Hyderabad Western Music Academy presented their material in the first ever recital of the kind in the twin cities. The different instruments that are being taught here are the following: Saxophone, Violin, Piano, Voice, Trumpets and Flute. The evening saw students of all levels playing these instruments and performing the pieces they have been working on for about 4 months, at the Alliance Francaise of Hyderabad.
Two trumpet students played the opening piece with Joe Koster playing the Trombone. The textures of these brass instruments were new to a lot of people. 7 saxophone students played 3 pieces in various combinations. Some famous pieces such as Mexican Madness, Polly Wolly doodle sounded magnificent as the listeners got a taste of the instrument. Piano students played some very difficult pieces such as Chopin's Waltz in Db Major was played, and some playing the piano and singing along. The violin students played some very recognisable pieces such as In Dreams from the Lord of the Rings, Beethoven's Ode to Joy. Violins played with each other to form a unique string sound, and it was surprising to hear how good even beginners sounded. Voice students presented a medley of Frank Sinatra's Jazz as well as a medley of folk songs by children. The polyphonic piece 'Longest Time' stood out as a fun piece in the vocal studio, presented by 5 students. 
The last piece was a four-hand piece, which is two people playing the same piano together, and was surely the showstopper - the Arrival of the Queen of Sheeba. This concert was the last for faculty member Tejaswinee Kelkar, who is moving from Hyderabad soon to continue to her PhD degree in music technology in Norway. She sang a farewell number - Lush Life for the audience, accompanied by Joe. It was an emotional moment after having worked with HWMF for more than two years.


The concert served as a great demonstration of the skills all the students had acquired. As much as their hearts were pounding - for some it was their first ever stage performance - they all showed grit and presented their music with great involvement. The joy of sharing a piece one has worked on for a while was palpable, and students now know how thrilling it is.
Coming soon, is a novel music education program designed for children, starting this April. Others who want to join classes for any of these instruments are most welcome for enquiries, as classes will go on, and the show will go on as usual :)