Julia Siedl Jazz Trio - Concert @ Secunderabad Club 6th Nov. 7.30pm - opening act: Joel Sastry

 Concert live videos 6.11.2016:

https://youtu.be/ABssrokR5Sc   Julia Siedl Trio

https://youtu.be/Inc5pWKpLq4   Joel Sastry





Julia Siedl Jazz Trio in Concert –

Sunday, 6th. Nov. 7.30pm @ Secunderabad Club

Julia Siedl (Austria) – Piano

Stefan Pista Bartus (Slovakia) - Bass

Andjelko Stupar (Serbia) – Drums

This Music triggers Floods of images in the head. Captivating and Full of Energy. It seems like a dream that doesn´t lead to an end but looses itself. In exuberant moods.  Or in flashbacks that rise from deep within the soul. Then in the next moment new motives arise that overlap the previous and make them vanish and disappear into air, moving the music in a powerful way.

Agitated – this word describes the pianist Julia Siedl very well. Within only a few years Julia Siedl achieved an excellent reputation in the Austrian Jazz Szene. She´s not only a band leader but also very active as a side woman with various projects in the European Jazz and World Music Scene.

Together with her amazing fellow musicians Stefan Pista Bartus from Slovakia and Andjelko Stupar from Serbia, both among the top players in Europe, the trio brings fresh air into Jazz life creating a sound that aims at the future.

Opening act – Joel Sastry

Joel Sastry is a guitarist and  arranger from Hyderabad. Joel played his first gig when he was fourteen, joined a Thrash Metal band at seventeen and continued along that path for a good number of years, playing for multiple bands in the local scene, including 5-star venues (Rock, Jazz, Blues and Lounge).

For over a decade, Joel has worked as a session musician with Indie artists and prominent music directors in the Tollywood film industry. He is now on a journey to produce, arrange and create music of varied styles - from Progressive Rock to Jazz to Thrash Metal to Film Soundtracks.