Voice workshop/masterclass by Sandra Oberoi - 4th Feb. 2017

Voice Workshop/Masterclass by Sandra Oberoi

When: Saturday, 4th Feb. 3.30-5.30pm

Where: Alliance Française, Banjara Hills

Participants may prepare a song from any genre/style of music and present it in front of the group and teacher. Sandra will follow-up and address the participant’s singing technique, style, presentation and healthy vocal production which will enable you to perform more effectively in future. We will also open up to a short time of Q&A.

This workshop is for advanced, experienced singers and observers.

Please bring either a music file (mp3) or a music score along (piano accompaniment can be offered).

Fee: 600/- (participant) & 400/- (observer).

More info/registration: info@hydmusic.com

Sandra Oberoi is a highly qualified soprano, music educator, vocal coach and has collaborated with various artists from around the world. She is equipped with a Masters in Music Education and Voice from Northwestern University, USA. She founded ‘Harmony-the music school’ (Bangalore) eight years ago. Her students have won international singing competitions and even performed at Carnegie Hall, New York. She actively campaigns for excellence in music education in India. Some Hyderabadis will not forget Sandra’s excellent performance during the Deccan Voices annual concert in Dec. 2013, along with her friends, the two sopranos, Pamela Hinchman and Harrah Friedlander (USA).