Music Workshop by Rotem Sivan (New York) @ Alliance Francaise

Music Workshop – Sunday 9th April – 11.30 til 2pm

By Rotem Sivan, New York (guitarist, arranger, composer)

Venue: Alliance Française, Banj. Hills (lane next to Q-mart).

Instrumentalists and singers are welcome.

Please bring your instrument along. Fee: Rs 200

More information and registration:  9912201659

Rotem Sivan is taking the NYC jazz scene by storm. Described by DownBeat Magazine as “a remarkable talent and a welcome new voice on the scene,” he completed his studies in both classical composition and jazz with honors in Tel Aviv & NYC. Sivan tours with his trio most of the year playing in world-renowned festivals and clubs. He has performed in countries such as France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Poland, UK, Slovenia, Mexico, Chile, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Israel, USA, and Canada, among others, and has given workshops around the world in top universities and schools.

Workshop participants:

Masterclass video:

WORKSHOP - Rotem Sivan  thoughts about how to practice music:

Music as a Language 

Deeply studying small cells of information while allowing flexibility that can bring additional knowledge   !   Create and surround ourselves with the environment of the language we wish to acquire

Tension and Release 

Melody, rhythm and harmony are all based on the balance between tension and release  !   Noticing these general structures allows to better understand the different musical languages  !   Why bebop is important


Memory functions in a few different way: hearing, kinesthetic and visual !   These are ways to make something part of our system so we don’t have to think about it, it becomes a subconscious element 

How to Practice Effectively 

Using timer !   Ways to focus !   Practicing in an A-B-C cycle !   A subject from different perspectives !   Repetitions    !   Breaking down the issue to its core concept 


A very important element is the way we play what we choose to play. With guitar especially there is very little talk about dynamics and as an instrument there should be more focus on that !   Controlling our dynamic range is as important as learning a new scale, maybe even more, because this will affect every note you play


Learning to hear different subdivisions !   Hearing and executing a few layers of rhythm !   Polyrhythms   !   Exercises to create focus and inner sense of pulse  !   Tapping and singing  !   Triplets as the underline sub-current of jazz

Target Points  

Melodic, harmonic, rhythmic and structural target points  !   Anchor points in the form !   Point of departure and point of arrival 

Asking Questions  

There is a lot of information around us all the time !   Our friends, peers and teachers have different experiences and information from us !   Musicians as a community - helping each other, supporting and caring 

The Road To  

Why we tend to remember the negative experiences in life and what can we do !   Enjoying the path

masterclass - video


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