Concert with "Atma" - 23rd July @ Phoenix Arena

HWMF, Phoenix-Arena and Goethe-Zentrum are pleased to present:


“Atma” live in concert

23rd July, 7pm @ Phoenix Arena (lane next to Lemon Tree Hotel, HiTec-City)

Entry: Rs 150 – available on the concert evening at the venue.

Info: 7893656789


Muthu Kumar  tabla, composition

Grilli Pollheimer    drums, percussions, electronics

Patrick Dunst    saxophone, duduk, bass clarinet, composition 

Aman Mahajan  piano, keyboard  

Atma, translates as soul from sanskrit, and  best describes the approach of this ensemble to music. The musical output of these four exquisite musicians is a borderless interpretation of its name, and with ease fuses the musical styles indian classical, western classical and jazz. 

Atma was founded in August 2015 in Bangalore, India, starting in a uncommon trio setup consisting of two percussionists and a reed player. For the tour through India in July 2017, the trio has been extended to a quartet, adding the musical polyglot Aman Mahajan on piano. The musical heart of the ensemble is the Muthu Kumar, a Bangalore-based tabla virtuose, who is a student of Zakir Hussain and has during his career already shared the stage with Alice Coltrane and other jazz stars. Additional to his musical mastery he also contributes numerous compositions to the current program. 

Furthermore, the ensemble consists of Grilli Pollheimer, who is a well-acclaimed Austrian percussionist, who is classically trained and has enriched the Austrian scene in different contexts during the last ten years. Aman Mahajan has studied at the acclaimed Berklee College of Music in Boston, and is one of the most promising Indian jazz musicians of his generation.  

The woodwind specialist Patrick Dunst, who has fused different music traditions with his ensembles Tribal Dialects and Tripod, is the second composer of this program and additionally lends the band his melodic voice.  Together these extraordinary musicians fuse compositions based on indian konnokol, and enriches them with western harmonies. The result is a homogenous music that sounds less complex than it is below the surface.


Muthu Kumar:

Patrick Dunst:

Grilli Pollheimer:

Aman Mahajan:  Atma: