Piano Festival 2017 -The Jury in Concert 11th Nov. - Grand Finale Concert 12th Nov.

 Twin-Cities Piano Festival 2017 –

The Jury in Concert (11th Nov.) & Grand Finale (12th Nov)


Hyderabad Western Music Foundation and Musee Musical are pleased to present two young Indian pianists - who also represent the jury of the Piano Festival 2017 - together live in concert!

When: Saturday, 11th November 2017 – 6pm
Where: Vidayaranya High School (opp. Secretariat; next to Hotel Anmol)
Shantanu Patel
Shantanu finished his M.Mus. (Masters of Music) in advanced piano performance and conducting skills from The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and is currently performing across the country. He graduated with B.A. (Hons) in Music specialising in performance from Middlesex University, London and also holds a diploma in higher music education from KM College of Music and Technology. 
His repertoire for the evening:
Mozart: 12 Variations in C Major 'Ah vous dirai-je, Maman' KV.265
Chopin: Scherzo in B flat minor Op.31 No.2
Rachmaninoff: Prelude in G minor Op.23 No.5
Debussy: Pour le piano
Cecil Vineet Abhishek
Cecil is a composer-orchestrator, engineer, and a singer-songwriter, with a Masters Degree in Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games from Berklee College of Music and a Licentiate Diploma in Piano Performance.
He will present an orchestrated version of Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C# minor, op. 2 no. 3 – where he shall be playing the piano live, with his own orchestral arrangement produced on Digital Performer – a Digital Audio Workstation.
Piano Festival - Grand Finale Concert
with all the selected participants (pianists and other instruments).
Come and listen to some of the best musical talents in town!
Sunday, 12th November, 6pm
at Vidyaranya High School
The Sunday concert is free. All are welcome.



A Celebration of Music Played on Piano

Pratap Antony / 15/11/2017/HWMF

     Hyderabad Western Music Foundation, Musee Musical and Vidyaranya School, whose hallways and playgrounds are imbued with the sound of music, created this two day ‘Twin Cities Piano Festival 2017’ on the 11th and 12th of November.

     The Twin Cities Piano Festival 2017 was really a tribute to pluralism and the composite culture that the twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad. It was also a tribute to the parents of music students, and music teachers, proving that the people of the Twin cities appreciate and encourage good music, even music that is not rooted in local culture.

     Hyderabad Western Music Foundation and Musee Musical were very clear on why this was called a Piano festival. It is a festival because it was not a competition; it was a celebration of the music played on a Piano. And why piano? Why not keyboard? Because the Piano is an acoustic, wooden musical instrument that produces a sound in which the tone colour and timbre is natural and rich. It is the true instrument to bring out the beauty of Western Classical music. A Yamaha Grand Piano was provided for the festival by Musee Musical (Western Musical Instruments and Music education), to celebrate their 175th year in the service of music.

     Western classical music, as we call it, can be described as ‘art’ music that stands the test of time and remains relevant to generations after it has been composed. It is music that’s been composed and written in music notation so that musicians can play it by reading the musical notation, and so Western Classical music, or, really, all Classical music, ‘Carnatic’ and’ Hindustani’ Classical music is played and listened to for centuries after being composed, just as plays by Kalidasa or Shakespeare are ‘classics’ because they are still read, performed and enjoyed even today, centuries after they were written.

     So, the music of Western Classical composers such as J.S Bach (1685-1750), W.A. Mozart (1756-1791), F. Schubert (1797-1827) and F. Lizst (1811-1886), live on even today, and pieces by these composers amongst other older and more recent composers, were performed by the young pianists/musicians on the 12th of November.

Day Two - Grand Finale of the Piano Festival

     The 18 pianists (1 recorder) selected out of 44 who auditioned, displayed their musical abilities on the piano on the 12th of November. And it was impressive to hear so many young piano students aged between 7 and 16 show an interested audience how well they could play.

     It was such great mix of young people and the names of the 18 pianists that played showed how music brings together people of different communities, and regional cultures.

     The order of the young pianists who played, according to the programme, was: Samuel A. Marcus 30 (announced as a special guest), Vivek Mathur - 15, Ananda Gopalakrishnan - 11, Akundi Indravandith Karthikeya - 11, Rushabh Musthyala - 16, Lakshay B. - 12, Samyuktha Nandineni - 13, Dhriti Agarwal - 14 & Omi Vegada (four hands), Bindu Sravanthi - 16, P. Vishal Reddy - 14, Kshittiesh Bharadwaj - 15,& Khiyati Bharadwaj,  Kashvi Aggarwal - 7, P. Harshith Reddy - 13, Ananya Achanta - 13, Christine Grace Khumuckcham - 14, Devulapalli Sai Sri Vaishnavi - 13, Yash Agarwal -13,  Saketh Ram Josyabhatla - 15.  

     Music is the greatest communication in the world and these young musicians were so proficient; of course, some more so than others - a few showed so much promise that it looks like there will be more concert pianists from India in the making - so that we in the audience marvelled at their gift of music. Both Mamta & Jagruti of Musee Musical, and Joe Koster of Hyderabad Western Music Foundation acknowledged that it is the parents and teachers of these musically endowed young musicians who have to be lauded, for recognising the children’s need for music and for encouraging them to learn, practice and develop their talent. 

Day One The Concert pianists of the Piano Festival

     We will now come back to the first day of the Piano Festival, the 11th of November 2017. As part of the two day piano festival, two judges who were brought in from Ahmadabad and Mumbai to audition and select the pianists for the 12th of November, performed a selection of classical pieces on the 11th November.

     The musicians were Shantanu Patel, a concert pianist from Ahmedabad who has returned from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland with a Masters of Music (MU) in performance and conducting, he is also an B.A. (Hons.) in music, specialising in performance, from Middlesex University, London. Cecil Vineet is a composer orchestrator, singer/songwriter, with a Masters degree in scoring for Film, Television and Video games from the Berklee College of Music, Boston, he also holds a Licentiate Diploma in Piano performance.

     Though I love classical music, I am not a musician enough, or expert enough, to tell whether the pianist interprets a composer well or not, I will only say this about Shantanu Patel’s playing, that he plays very naturally, fluidly and effortlessly, he could bang the hell out of the piano and then play as softly as a whispered secret, he balanced lyricism and piano gymnastics skilfully, yet captured the sentiment of all the pieces he played.

    Shantanu Patel began the evenings programme with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) Twelve Variations on theme "Ah, vous dirai-je, Maman"(English: “Ah, Mother, if I could tell you”), K.265, based upon a French folk song.

    Mozart’s work began by stating the basic theme, the familiar tune “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” and then with such a simple theme, Mozart creates variations of the theme with modifications and embellishment in rhythms, harmonies and texture and yet we recognise the melody throughout. Mozart's genius is mind blowing.

     Next he played Scherzo No. 2 in B-flat minor, Op. 31 by Frédéric Chopin, composed and published in 1837. Chopin, many feel, is the best composer for the piano. Shantanu Patel introduced this piece by saying that though the composition is in B flat minor, most of the work is written in D flat major.

     The third work Shantanu played was Prelude in G minor, Op. 23, No. 5, by Sergei Rachmaninoff, which he completed in 1901. The pianist displayed speed and subtlety both in the very intense fast sections and also in the calm ones!

    Shantanu Patel concluded his programme with Prelude pour le piano, L. 95, a three movement piano suite, Prelude, Sarabande and Toccata composed  by Claude Debussy, one of the most innovative composers who completed this work in 1903. Prelude pour le piano did not seem easy to play but was played in a way that seemed effortless.

     Cecil Vineet Abhishek, the modest and self effacing musician, in his introduction, said, he had added orchestral accompaniment to Prelude in C-sharp minor Op. 3, No. 2, one of Sergei Rachmaninoff's most famous Piano compositions, electronically, as is done in many movie and television serials. He then displayed his skill in not only playing the piano, but in programming, scoring and arranging the Rachmaninoff Prelude in C-sharp minor in a tasteful arrangement like a Concerto for piano and orchestra.

     The programme concluded with a surprise, with both the pianists getting together to play a four hand piece.     

     It is not common for the Twin Cities to hear a bona fide concert pianist play live, and so this was a rare auditory treat for this writer, and for all the other Western Classical music enthusiasts, thanks to the ‘Twin Cities Piano Festival 2017’ and the phenomenal effort put in by Joe Koster the chief organiser on behalf of the Hyderabad Western Music Foundation.  (write-up Pratap Antony HWMF).

Here some feedback HWMF received after the concert:

1) It is completely heart-warming to know the diversity and depth of musical talent that we have here! And special thanks to everyone who made it possible for such a lovely event to take place here.... Was really happy about the spirit of Excellence overpowering everything else !

2)I felt overwhelmed when my son played between such well established pianists. Tears rolled out. I think every Mother will feel the same. It was the most inspiring programme for us. I sincerely thank you and Musee Musicals for organising such event. Looking forward for more such Events

3)You made brilliant arrangements for the fest. I really appreciated your letting kids warm up before playing. It showed sensitivity. The certificate and voucher made all the kids feel happy and they didn’t stress about first second third prize. Congratulations again. I hope we can participate in your next Event

4)I deeply admire the spirit in which the festival was held. Truly you inspired a generation to love the piano and gave them a platform. Thank you

Songs from La La Land and Beyond - Harmony Children's Chorus & Sandra Oberoi & Deccan Voices - 5th Nov.

Harmony - The Music School (Bangalore) and Hyderabad Western Music Foundation are pleased to present  “Songs from La La Land and Beyond”

Sandra Oberoi & Harmony Children’s Chorus (Bangalore) &  Accompanist/piano: Dr. Iryna Tsarenko

plus Deccan Voices (Hyderabad)

When: Sunday, 5th November, 6pm

Where: Vidyaranya High School (opp. Secretariat; next to Hotel Anmol)

Enjoy an evening of exquisite music that will strike a chord in your hearts, light a fire in your souls and set your feet tapping! From folk to classical, jazz to music theatre, there’s something for everyone at this musical extravaganza!

A few students of the Harmony Children’s Chorus have also won international awards in singing and have performed at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York. Some Hyderabadis might remember Sandra singing here in town, back in 2013 along with her two opera singer friends from the US!

The Deccan Voices is a twin cities based group of enthusiastic singers from a "medley" of backgrounds and cultures brought together by their shared passion for vocal music.

All are welcome. Entry: Rs 150 (children below 10years and HWMF-members free)



By Pratap Antony / Hyderabad Western Music Foundation / 7/11/2017

     I had the great pleasure of being in the audience at a very special evening of choral music by a choir of young people aged between, perhaps, 10 and 15, who presented the audience with a beautiful gift of lively and vibrant music.

     This 16 or 17 voice choir that brought so much joy to the audience was ‘Harmony Children’s Chorus’ from Bangalore. The choir consisted of students of Sandra Oberoi’s ‘Harmony’ Music School in Bangalore.

     Sandra Oberoi is a Western vocalist and music educator who is responsible for fostering the talent of these young musicians, and who, I’m sure, inculcated the young choristers with the astonishing self confidence that they displayed; and invested the singers with good intonation, verve, understanding, and the ability to sing well beyond their years. The natural clarity of the children’s voices while they shared their joy in making music gave us in the audience even greater joy.

     But, I’m getting ahead of myself, the evenings programme on the 5th of November 2017 at Vidyaranya School was organised by the Hyderabad Western Music Foundation and Harmony-The Music School (Bangalore), and began with a short recital by the Deccan Voices, a twin cities based group of enthusiastic 

singers from a "medley" of backgrounds and cultures brought together by their shared passion for vocal music. The Deccan Voices sang, ‘The Music is Always There With You’ by the eminent composer, John Rutter, followed by ‘Suo Gan’, a Welsh lullaby. They then performed four songs from the Oscar winning movie ‘La La Land’, the songs were ‘City of Stars’, ‘Another Day of Sun’, ‘Audition - Fools who Dream’ and ‘Someone in the Crowd’. Kudo’s to the Deccan Voices for performing without looking at the music sheets and with minimal direction from Joe Koster the choir director who accompanied the choir on keyboard and who had also trained the choir for performance.

     Let’s get back to the main event, Harmony Children’s Chorus’ from Bangalore; they performed a selection of ten songs, the programming was well thought out and the songs were interestingly performed, the talented musicians

/vocalists sang with zest and exciting musicality, the sound was always clean, the diction clear and they kept the rhythms strong, spicy and accurate while maintaining pitch with amazing ease and composure. All the songs were sung from memory. The children in the choir were so musically gifted that it was hard to believe that they were just school children. And so we must  give credit to their teacher Sandra Oberoi for song selection, programming of the music, for her wonderful attention to detail; for arranging some of the songs and for training and bringing out the children’s talent and musicianship and preparing them perfectly to express their joy in making music without inhibition, and for making them shine like the little stars that they were, so that we in the audience could experience their musical gifts through their smiling eyes, swaying limbs and their heartfelt singing. . 

     Worth mentioning is that Sandra Oberoi had designed this programme, so that every singer got to sing either a solo, or be part of a duo or trio along with the choir to display their talent. The eminent pianist, Irina Tsarenko accompanied The Harmony Children’s Chorus. Since all the soloists and the chorus performed much more captivatingly than I ever expected, I will not describe how they sang each song, suffice it to say they displayed impressive musicianship. This is the programme in the order that they performed.

The first song they performed was Flower Duet – This pretty song, composed by Leo Delibes for the opera, ‘Lakme’, was sung by two sopranos, a boy and a girl along with the chorus. They next performed Pie Jesu from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s Reqiem. This too, was sung by two sopranos and chorus. Next was Lord make Me An Instrument of Thy peace - this acapella (unaccompanied) piece by Michael John Trotta is based on a French poem that used soft harmony and counterpoint brought out the beauty of this song. Tomorrow, from the musical 'Annie', and arranged by Sandra Oberoi, was sung by a soloist and chorus. The well known song  I Could Have Danced All Night, from My Fair Lady, was arranged by Sandra Oberoi for soloists and chorus. Memory - from Andrew Lloyd Weber’s ‘Cats’. Sandra Oberoi expressively rendered this song accompanied by Irina Tsarenko, and listening to this song moved me inside out, despite having heard the song by many singers both live, recorded and on youtube by the original cast of ‘Cats’, so, this became the most beautiful rendition of the song I’ve ever heard. Rise Up by Swiss DJ and composer Yves LaRock was next by soloist and chorus. An Evening Prayer from Hansel Gretel  and opera by 19th century composer Engelbert Humperdink. Next was the charming song How Far I’ll Go from the Disney animated movie ‘Moana’ again for soloists and chorus. It was this tune I think, which had a young little dancer in a tutu dance, while this song was being sung. It was endearing, to say the least. The next song, Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better, from the movie ‘Annie Get Your Gun’ was rendered so dramatically and well by the two fiercely competitive singers that the audience was thoroughly amused and entertained. The song Chili Con Carne – was next, by Swedish composer, Anders Edenroth, who sings in the acapella singing group ‘Real Group’. This song is a simple recipe for a Mexican dish that is insanely hard to sing, especially to maintain its rhythmic vitality and tempo, and more than ever while dancing, which the Chorus did so well. The last part of the set was called Bollywood Medley, this medley of ‘Bollywood’ songs was arranged by Sandra Oberoi and was good fun.

     Sandra Oberoi and the Harmony Children’s Chorus from Bangalore are talented and committed singers brought to us freshness of young musical minds that are lighting a path to a bright musical future.

     The Hyderabad Western Music Foundation (HWMF) once again brought the Twin Cities a good musical experience. The indefatigable organiser-in-chief, Joe Koster, founder director of HWMF, and musical director of Deccan Voices, thanked the Vidyaranya School for supporting HWMF and the Deccan Voices, who use the school premises for practices and for concerts, for their quiet but resolute support to music in the twin cities.

 Concert Videos

Deccan Voices: 

City of Stars from La La Land

Another Day of Sun from La La Land

Someone in the Crowd from La La Land

Audition – The Fools Who Dream from La La Land

The Music’s always there with you – John Rutter

Suo Gan – Traditional Welsh Lullaby – Mark Burrows

Sandra Oberoi & Harmony Children’s Chorus



HWMF Academy - Students Concert - Sunday 29th Oct. @ Alliance Française

HWMF-Academy Students Recital – Sunday 29th October

Family, friends and students, we are pleased to announce our next student recital, featuring solo and duet vocal, piano, keyboard, flute, recorder and ukulele performances. 

Recital students group 1: 3.30-4.30pm

Recital students group 2: 5-6pm 

Venue: Alliance Française, Banjara Hills

Our students will be presenting jazz and western classical music as well selections from musical theatre and film such as Cats, Oliver, Pocohontas and La La Land.  

All are welcome. Entry free. Join us and support our aspiring musicians.

HWMF-Academy students recital programme

Group 1

Torita - Paint in Black flute solo

Torita (with NCB) - Mozart flute and clarinet duet 

Alok - Wigwam dance piano  

Avaan - Beginner piano solo  

Nidhi - Habanero (Carmen) ukulele solo

Kshiteissh & Khyati - recorder duet 

Yamini: Oh when the saints go marching in (keyboard)

Jordan: Mexican March (piano)

Jasmine: Memory from Cats – vocal/piano

Saksath: Boogie in the Diningcar – piano

Abhay: It only takes a moment – from Hello Dolly – vocal/piano

Rohan: The wit and wisdom of the night (Mark Tanner) - piano

Zara Rachael: Father in Heaven (Bach/Gounod) – vocal/piano

Ananja: Giga in D minor by Richard Jones – piano

Advait: Funky town - 4 hand piano, with Ananja


Nalini: I got rhythm – Gershwin – vocal/piano

Daniel: Forty Winks by Mark Tanner (latin) keyboard

Damini: Le Charme (Ernest Chausson 1855-1899) from Sept Melodies, Op. no. 2 – vocal/piano

Group 2

Samy - Beethoven flute duo

Tweety - Where is Love (Oliver) vocal/musical theatre 

Arnav - 10 little Indians 

Hasitha - My shadow 

Angel - Rain Song - fife/singing/percussion 

Adit - scotch dance 

Gautham – Ode to joy - keyboard

Ananya: Chattanooga  Choo Choo – piano/vocal - keyboard

Karthikeya: Street Beat - keyboard

Kirti: Colors of the Wind (Walt Disney Pocahontas) – vocal/piano

Bhavana: Somewhere over the rainbow – keyboard/vocal

Shreyas: Matsuri (Japanese Festival) by Michael McMillan – piano

Shreyas and Lasya: Carnatic Classical – Muchukunda varada – vocal/piano

Ishita: Sentimental Lady (Jazz Waltz) by Eduard Putz - piano

Harshith: Faded by Alan Walker – vocal/piano

Samjuktha: Le Coucou (the Cuckoo) by L. Daquin – piano

Saachi: Audition & City of stars (La La Land) – vocal/piano – plus Sarika violin

Kashvi: Tapping Heels (Alan Bullard) - piano



Twin-Cities Piano Festival 2017 - 10.11.12. November

 Hyderabad Western Music Foundation and Musee Musical present

Twin Cities Piano-Festival (“Competition”) 2017
Dear Friends,
Perhaps it would sound surprising to most parents, teachers the pupils alike that the twin cities present some thousands of candidates for piano examinations conducted by the Trinity College London, The Royal Schools of Music (formally known as the ABRSM) and LCM London College of Music.   This borne out by the fact that some of the examiners, from these boards, stay in the twin cities for some months to complete the exams. Sometimes more than one examiner is deputed to our twin cities by the same board to complete the exam on time. What then is surprising is that, rarely one sees these budding musicians performing any ‘musical role, during the normal course of our city life, in any forum except at the venue of the next year’s examination!
We therefore provide a podium for performance. This festival is not proposed to be conducted as a typical music competition (1st, 2nd, 3rd…) but exclusively as a podium to showcase the musical talents of young and budding musicians in our twin cities. It is aimed at giving a great concert performance experience to the pupils and an immense satisfaction to the music teachers, parents and other music-lovers as well.  
Grand Finale Concert:
Sunday 12thNov. 2017 – 6 pm– at Vidyaranya High School
Auditions: 10th 11th 12th  November at Alliance Française
Participants’ requirements: 4th Grade and above (four different categories; incl. duets!)
There will be prizes given to each participant who is selected for the Grand Finale, plus an extra prize for the outperformers.
Each participant will get a certificate – Registration fee Rs. 700.--
Closing date for applications: 30th October 2017   
The eligibility for participation, registration form, guidelines for choice of pieces that may be performed and the framework of rules & regulations governing the conduct of this festival have been laid out below.
Please help us and forward this to those who might be interested!

For more information please contact us via or Ph. 9912201659


Rules & Regulations, Registration Form



The art of (mis)tuning 16th Sept. & Guided tour around a pipe organ 23rd Sept. by Commodore Champion

Hyderabad Western Music Foundation takes the pleasure of presenting two exclusive talks cum demo by Commodore TMJ Champion, VSM (Retd)

1) The Art of (mis)tuning

Venue: Alliance Française, Aurora Colony, Banj.hills (lane next to Q-mart) Date: Saturday 16th Sept. at 5.30pm Most of us, having acoustic pianos at home must have been getting it tuned periodically but never realized the intricate skill that is essential to artfully 'mistune' it from our "perceived nice-sounding" intervals. Entry free. All are welcome. Please register at

2) Guided tour around a Pipe Organ - the King of Instruments

Venue: The Church of St John the Baptist, located at the T-junction of SP Road, branching off to Secunderabad station to the right and East Marredpally to the left

Date: Saturday, 23rd Sept. at 5.30pm

The event would be start with a power point presentation followed by a walk-around the pipe organ structure and demo-playing by Commodore TMJ Champion, the Organist and Choir Director of the church. Few pupils who have qualified in Graded Organ Exam from the ABRSM will also play that day. Commodore Champion is a retired senior naval officer and a freelance Music Teacher. He plays the pipe organ at St John's Church on Sundays and he has been a regular speaker and active participant at the HWMF events. He says that his endeavour would be to "simplify these two complex topics for the music-loving audience of our twin cities.” Due to space constraints around the organ console in the church, those of you keen to attend this event would need to register with the HWMF for this before 20th Sept. 2017. Free will offering may be made towards the upkeep of this 109 year old pipe organ. More info:, Ph 9912201659


    Feedback of Parvathy Krishnan:

    The Pipe Organ Experience: Thanks to Joe Koster & Commodore Champion, it was a glorious 2 hours spent in St John’s Church on Saturday evening. Commodore Champion gave the group of music enthusiasts the back story of the 109 year old Pipe Organ and of other Pipe Organs in different countries.

    Loved the simple, yet effective manner in which he brought out the differences between a Pipe Organ & Harmonium and then gave us loads of details on the various parts of the Pipe Organ, ...which for me looked like a building in itself! Was super fun getting to know that the Pipe Organ has actually 3 Keyboards with one at the feet!! And the bellow – what a humungous piece of work it is – reminded me of my Machinery workshop in my Engineering college! Though a tad tricky climbing the 1 foot wide staircase to see the pipes in the next level at close quarters, I would not have missed it for anything! The Pipe Organ is such a great engineering marvel.

    The best part of the whole session was , of course, the beautiful rendition of some pieces by Commodore Champion himself and his two students, Akshaydeep Adams & Joshua Verender. One could close the eyes & just get lost in the music.


HWMF-music course - Start 2nd Sept.

Our introduction to music theory and vocal course is for EVERYONE who loves music and singing! Learn how to approach vocal learning systematically and how to move towards a healthy singing voice. Get familiar with the basic principles of vocal techniques like breathing, vocalizing and body posture. Acquire a basic music theoretical and practical understanding (notation reading, scales, rhythm, group-/solo-singing). After completion of the course you can join an advanced group.
Course/ 5 Saturdays: Saturday, 2nd Sept. 2017 (Sept 2,9,16,23,30). Timings: 2-3 pm
Venue: Alliance Française, Road no 3, Aurora Colony, Banjara Hills Course fee: 2400/- for 5 classes; incl. material
Teacher: Joe Koster If interested, call 9912201659 or send your application/questions to

Concert with "Atma" - 23rd July @ Phoenix Arena

HWMF, Phoenix-Arena and Goethe-Zentrum are pleased to present:


“Atma” live in concert

23rd July, 7pm @ Phoenix Arena (lane next to Lemon Tree Hotel, HiTec-City)

Entry: Rs 150 – available on the concert evening at the venue.

Info: 7893656789


Muthu Kumar  tabla, composition

Grilli Pollheimer    drums, percussions, electronics

Patrick Dunst    saxophone, duduk, bass clarinet, composition 

Aman Mahajan  piano, keyboard  

Atma, translates as soul from sanskrit, and  best describes the approach of this ensemble to music. The musical output of these four exquisite musicians is a borderless interpretation of its name, and with ease fuses the musical styles indian classical, western classical and jazz. 

Atma was founded in August 2015 in Bangalore, India, starting in a uncommon trio setup consisting of two percussionists and a reed player. For the tour through India in July 2017, the trio has been extended to a quartet, adding the musical polyglot Aman Mahajan on piano. The musical heart of the ensemble is the Muthu Kumar, a Bangalore-based tabla virtuose, who is a student of Zakir Hussain and has during his career already shared the stage with Alice Coltrane and other jazz stars. Additional to his musical mastery he also contributes numerous compositions to the current program. 

Furthermore, the ensemble consists of Grilli Pollheimer, who is a well-acclaimed Austrian percussionist, who is classically trained and has enriched the Austrian scene in different contexts during the last ten years. Aman Mahajan has studied at the acclaimed Berklee College of Music in Boston, and is one of the most promising Indian jazz musicians of his generation.  

The woodwind specialist Patrick Dunst, who has fused different music traditions with his ensembles Tribal Dialects and Tripod, is the second composer of this program and additionally lends the band his melodic voice.  Together these extraordinary musicians fuse compositions based on indian konnokol, and enriches them with western harmonies. The result is a homogenous music that sounds less complex than it is below the surface.


Muthu Kumar:

Patrick Dunst:

Grilli Pollheimer:

Aman Mahajan:  Atma:



Piano Recital by Anand Seshadri - 24th June 2017



Anand Seshadri, a Chennaite, is a passionate musician born in a non-musical family. Though being an engineering graduate with distinction, his intense passion and love for music always pushed him towards the goal of becoming a performer and a composer. His musical journey started with private lessons under Guitarist Thangadurai Samuel and he completed Grade 8 in Practical, Theory and then LTCL (Equivalent to Level 6 UK Honors degree) in 2010. He found his way to the Birmingham Conservatoire in the UK, where he completed Master of music in Piano Performance with distinction (Youngest to complete – at 21) under Pianists David Quigley and Katherine Lam. Having seen the development and passion of Anand, the head of Keyboard at the Conservatoire Mr. John Thwaites offered him a 2-year course in the Conservatoire with about 70 % scholarship since it was felt that his continuous studying at the Conservatoire will help him scale greater heights in the field of Music. However, unfortunately, he was not able to pursue the course owing to lack of financial support. But, with unstinted passion even in tough circumstances, he subsequently got into the prestigious Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest, Hungary. There he studied under professors Jeno Jando and Dr. David Ball, the only Indian so far to have achieved this distinction. During his time in Birmingham and Budapest he had masterclasses with Martin Jones, Martino Tirimo, Bernd Goetzke, Dina Yoffe and Tamas Ungar.In November 2016, Anand received a full Scholarship from the Ithaca College, United States to study under Charis Dimaras (past pupil of the prestigious Juilliard School). He made his US Concert debut on the 28th February. He has also performed in various cities across India – Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi and Goa.



World Music Day 2017 - Sunday 18th June - 10 venues



Joe Koster photo album - World Music Day 2017 impressions:


The Hindu - Vidyaranya

Deccan Chronicle

Deccan Chronicle

Telangana T. – Phoenix Arena

Telangana T. – Saptaparni

Telangana T. – Rock Castle

Hans india



Non-stop-music from 10am til 10pm @ 10 venues

Start your musical journey coming Sunday early and meet us 10am at

Vidyaranya High School (opps. Secretariat; next to Hotel Anmol)

We, more than 30 musicians/singers, are ready with a delightful programme to entertain you from 10-12noon. We’ll cover Pop, Western Classical, Jazz, Hindi-Movie-songs….with the very best talents in town: voices, strings, clarinet, piano, guitar, flutes, recorders… (entry free):

·        - Elora Satya and Lionel -(voc/guit), Nicole Connolly (flute) Joe K. (piano)

·        - Yash Aggarwal (piano); 

      - Harsh Saraf (class. guit)

            Aditya Akkapeddi (voc/keyb), Vijay Raj (guit)

·         - Matthew Peter (piano)

·        - Deepika Uppuluri (voc), Vijay Raj (guit)

·        - Saachi Chennur (voc), Joe K. (piano)

        Hyderabad Youth Ensemble: Sarika Chennur (viol), Saachi Chennur (viol/voc), Niki Shukla (viol), Nicole Connolly Bhatia (voc/flute), Samyuktha Kasibathla (flute), Torita Chakravarty (clarinet), Kshitissh Bharadwaj (viol/rec), Khyati Bharedwaj (viol/rec), Aditya Bhansali (percussion)

·        - Dhreeti Vithlani (voc), Sudha Rachael (voc) and Mitchell Sheehan (piano)

Deccan Voices: Jasmine Clark, Zara Rachel Winfred, Deepika Uppuluri, Meghana Anand, Samhita Maha, Shikha Garg, Navya Chitarvu, Sirisha Panchavati, Arzoo Gupta, Elora Satya, Aparajita Gupta, Nicole Connolly Bhatia, Celsa Almeida, Siddharth Mani, Vijay Raj Saragundla, Murali Dharan Bashyam, Lionel Darsi, Dr. Aadi, Aditya Akkapeddi, Raghav Rao, Aditya Bhansali (percussion), Joe Koster (conductor/keyboard)

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